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Aug 14, 2023 #MSDOS#DOS#Tech

64,639 views • Aug 14, 2023 • #MSDOS #DOS #TechSome people believe they don’t need to know DOS on modern computers. This can’t be further from the truth. Dos is extremely important and a basic understanding of DOS commands will help in a huge way in keeping your computer running great.

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Microsoft Garage Launches new Reality Room for Employees

The Garage Reality Room is a place where Microsoft employees can learn, experiment, and hack on XR (Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality). We provide the latest technologies across the entire XR ecosystem to grow skills in this exciting new space. Reality Rooms are just one part of the Garage platform to help employees develop and launch great ideas.

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Copilot for Microsoft 365 How it ACTUALLY Works!

In this, the last of 3 special episodes featuring the Director of Microsoft 365 and the host of Microsoft mechanics, Jeremy Chapman and I discuss Microsoft 365 Copilot. Answering all of your questions, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Copilot. Including how it works, what it can do and how to prepare your business and get ready for the AI revolution. This is a deep dive session. That aims to ask some hard hitting questions that goes beyond the fluffy marketing. Visit Jeremys YouTube channel    / @deployjeremy   Microsoft mechanics –    / @msftmechanics   For more on me visit me on LinkedIn or at If you want access to exclusive content and more why not consider supporting me and join me on Patreon.   / andymalonemvp  

How to use the NEW Microsoft Planner & Planner Premium

In our brand new tutorial, we’re diving into the NEW Microsoft Planner, unveiling the synergies between Planner and Project to bring you the latest Planner Premium capabilities and how they work to improve how you manage your next project. 🔍 What You’ll Learn: New Planner Experience: Witness firsthand the integration of Planner and Project, marking a new era in Microsoft project management tools. Creating New Planners: Learn how to effortlessly create new planners within Microsoft Teams, optimising your workflow from the get-go. Resource Management & Dependencies: Master the art of managing resources and setting dependencies to streamline your projects. Timeline Views: Explore Planner’s new timeline views, giving you unprecedented visibility into your project timelines. Advanced Planner Premium Capabilities: Dive deep into the enhanced features designed to elevate your project management to the next level. ⭐️ Additional Resources: 🔗 Master Task Management in Microsoft 365 via our NEW Masterclass: 📚 Grab our Free Microsoft 365 eBook for more tips and tricks: 🔗 Elevate your Microsoft 365 skills with our comprehensive courses: 🔎 Learn more about Your 365 Coach and how we can transform your productivity: 🔥 Hit the like button, subscribe, and turn on notifications for our channel to keep up with the latest productivity tutorials from Your 365 Coach! 📰 Stay in the Loop: Don’t miss out on any updates! Follow us on Instagram: @your365coach and TikTok: @your365coach

A conversation with LeVar Burton on how generative AI will change the world

LeVar Burton—known for his role as Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge in Star Trek and as the host and executive producer of the beloved PBS children’s series Reading Rainbow—recently sat down for a fireside chat with Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Security, Vasu Jakkal, to discuss the impact of generative AI on our world.

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CHAPTERS 0:07 Introduction 01:32 Impact of Star Trek 03:30 How Star Trek influenced Vasu Jakkal to pursue a career in tech 04:58 Do No Harm as a principal tenet of Star Trek and how it applies to tech 6:01 Security challenges facing humanity 8:00 Pace of adoption of technology 9:59 Generative AI is an inflection point for our world 10:43 LeVar Burton’s first job as an actor and the transformation of storytelling through technology 11:40 LeVar Burton’s prayer for the future of generative AI 12:22 The mission of Microsoft and Microsoft Security 14:04 The importance of safety in this AI arena 15:25 Copilot technology as an education tool 16:50 LeVar commends Microsoft’s passion towards making AI safer for all 18:00 What does Responsible AI look like? 19:30 The younger generation ethics inspires and gives LeVar Burton hope 21:25

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How to use Microsoft Teams for a Meeting | Tutorial 

Microsoft Teams tips and tricks

Jeremy Chapman – Microsoft Teams tips and tricksNew to Microsoft Teams? In this video, we walk through everything you need to know as a first-time participant in Microsoft Teams meetings. If you’re coming from Zoom, Webex or other platforms, you’ll learn how to join, set up your camera and audio, receive and share content – from the desktop app or the web browser. If you’re a seasoned user of Teams, I’ll also point out a few capabilities you might not already know about. What I film with and use on my daily Microsoft Teams calls: Shure MV7 microphone: -US-

Shure SM7B pop filter: -US-

Sony A7 II: -US-

Samyang 35mm F1.8 AF Full Frame lens: -US-

Sony ZV-E10 camera: -US-

Viltrox 23mm F1.4 AF lens: -US- Ring light: -US- Softbox diffuser: -US-

Chapters: 00:00 How to start with Microsoft Teams meetings 01:07

Joining a meeting from the Teams web client 01:39

Device settings options in Teams web client 02:04

PowerPoint Live in Teams web client 02:39

How to use the Microsft Teams desktop app 02:54

Blur background or replace background in Microsoft Teams 03:29

Device settings options in Microsoft Teams app 05:26

PowerPoint Live in Teams app 06:01

Pop-out shared content as a separate window in Teams app 06:59

Reactions, emojis and raise hand in Teams app 08:31

Call Health in Microsoft Teams app 08:41

Meeting notes in Microsoft Teams app 10:16

Live captions, transcriptions and recording in Microsoft Teams 11:48

How to reduce bandwidth consumption in Microsoft Teams 12:20

Presenter mode and standout in Microsoft Teams #microsoftteams#microsoftteamstutorial#microsoftteamsschulung

Introduction to the SharePoint Web UI Kit

Are you looking to design engaging intranets or portals with SharePoint? Don’t miss out from the great free assets to take advantage – SharePoint Web UI Kit. SharePoint Web UI Kit provides you design guidance and assets to be used in the Figma. You can use the provided assets to design your own portals or own web parts based on your company requirements and preferences.

Agenda 00:00

intro 01:37

presentation 03:23

demo 14:22 closing

✨ Presenters Nicole Woon (Microsoft) |   / niwoon   Farhan Mian (Microsoft) |   / farhanahmedmian   📖 Learn more • SharePoint Web UI Kit in Figma –… • New web parts available in the SharePoint Web UI kit! –… • Designing great SharePoint experiences –…

💡 Learn more about the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform community • Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Unified Sample gallery: • Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community in YouTube: • Microsoft 365 & Power Platform:

Provisioning look book SharePoint templates using PnP PowerShell

Are you interested on the applying look book templates to Microsoft 365? Following the steps within this video on applying look book or any PnP provisioning engine templates to SharePoint Online sites using PnP PowerShell. This process works for any existing template which was available in the look book site or if you create these templates for yourself.

Sample code: Invoke-PnPTenantTemplate -Path .\Downloads\M365LP.pnp -Parameters @(“Siteurl”_-/sites/M365 Learning for Collabra Networks Staff”)

Agenda 00:00

intro 00:40

prerequisites 02:28

get template 04:58

create target site 06:08

provisioning with PowerShell 09:13 summary

This video is using the Microsoft Learning Pathways template as the example scenario to be installed to the tenant. ⚠️ Notice that the PnP tooling is based on open-source solutions and projects with active community providing support for it. There is no SLA for the open-source tool support from Microsoft ✨ Presenter Paolo Pialorsi (PiaSys) |   / paolopialorsi   📖

Learn more • Applying PnP template to SharePoint site –… • Installing PowerShell on Windows –… • PnP PowerShell – • Look book service – • SharePoint Provisioning Templates –… 👋 Built something cool for Microsoft 365 or Power Platform? We are always looking for presenters – Volunteer for a community call demo at    • Microsoft 365 & Power Platform weekly…  . 💡 Learn more about the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform community • Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Unified Sample gallery: • Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community in YouTube: • Microsoft 365 & Power Platform: Sharing is caring! You are awesome! 🧡 —– 💡 Provisioning look book SharePoint templates using PnP PowerShell Discover the easy steps to using PnP PowerShell to provision complex templates to your Microsoft 365 instance with beautiful results 📺 Watch now →    • Provisioning look book SharePoint tem…  #SharePoint#Microsoft365dev

Insider Risk in Conditional Access | Microsoft Entra + Microsoft Purview Adaptive Protection

In the rapidly evolving digital era, organizations face an uphill battle in securing sensitive data – as evidenced by our recent Microsoft “Rethinking Security from the Inside Out” report where 87% of organizations stated that they experienced data breaches in the past year. A substantial 63% of these incidents stem from inadvertent or malicious insiders with access to sensitive information.

Organizations struggle to keep up with the dynamic nature of risks due to their reliance on fragmented tools and one-size-fits-all security policies, causing friction for users who need to use and access data for legitimate purposes. We continue to hear from customers that they need a user and data-centric approach that enables them to dial up and dial down data security controls based on evolving insider risk levels.

Enter Adaptive Protection, a powerful capability in Microsoft Purview designed to improve overall data security. Adaptive Protection helps you protect your organization’s data by integrating dynamic insider risk levels, determined by data related activities, with various policy engines to automatically moving users in and out of policies as their risk levels change over time.

In February 2023, we announced, enabling users to be automatically included in the scope of data loss policies based on insider risk levels. For example, a DLP policy integrated with insider risk levels will prevent high-risk users from printing sensitive data, while allowing low-risk users to do so. This balances security and productivity and avoids blanketed policies that can be both very noisy and difficult to manage, while also hindering the end user experience.

Today, we are excited to announce Adaptive Protection is now also integrated with Conditional Access. You can now create Conditional Access polices to automatically add users to policies in response to insider risks levels.

Adaptive Protection integrated with Conditional Access

One of the challenges organizations face when trying to implement data security measures is the reliance on fragmented and siloed solutions. These solutions can make it difficult to roll out new data security controls consistently and can create gaps in protection that can be exploited by insiders. With the integration of Adaptive Protection and Conditional Access, Microsoft provides a seamless and easy solution for organizations to automatically move users in and out of policies based on their risk levels. This eliminates the need for organizations to manage multiple, siloed solutions and provides a more streamlined and effective approach to data security.

One of the key components of this integrated solution is Conditional Access, which plays a crucial role in enhancing an organization’s security by enforcing access to applications, data, and infrastructure, thereby minimizing the risk of external threats. It evaluates signals like user identity, location, device, user-risk, and sign-in risk to determine access to resources. And depending on the identity’s risk level, a range of controls is applied, be it implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), necessitating a password change, or outright blocking access to the application.

Now consider a scenario where a once-trusted employee on your sales team becomes a high-risk user, having submitted their resignation and starting to engage in data exfiltration activities. The Adaptive Protection and DLP integration allows you to prevent unauthorized use of data, but preventing access in the first place to critical applications like Salesforce adds another layer of defense.

With Adaptive Protection integrated with Conditional Access, you can now also configure a policy to automatically add the high-risk employee to the policy and block access to stealing data from your Salesforce application. Admins simply need to toggle the insider risk configuration switch to Yes and activate policy controls, such as mandating a terms of use agreement or outright blocking access. In the scenario above, you could seamlessly prevent a high-risk salesperson from accessing Salesforce – an application housing their beloved client list, while enabling a low-risk salesperson to access the application.

thumbnail image 1 captioned Figure 1: New ‘insider risk’ condition in Conditional AccessFigure 1: New ‘insider risk’ condition in Conditional Access

The synergy between compromised user risk and insider risk provides your organization with a more comprehensive solution to safeguarding your data against both external threats and internal risks. This comprehensive and multi-layered approach protects your organization against unauthorized access, data leaks, and data theft – ultimately strengthening your overall data security. With a united front against both external and insider risks, your data remains safe, reinforcing your organization’s resilience in the face of evolving cyber threats.

Read our ”Rethinking Security from the Inside Out” Report

We recently surveyed more than 500 data security and identity and access management professionals to gain deep insights into the data security landscape, the challenges organizations face with existing tools, and best practices for protecting against data breaches. Download our report!

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