A conversation with LeVar Burton on how generative AI will change the world

LeVar Burton—known for his role as Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge in Star Trek and as the host and executive producer of the beloved PBS children’s series Reading Rainbow—recently sat down for a fireside chat with Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Security, Vasu Jakkal, to discuss the impact of generative AI on our world.

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CHAPTERS 0:07 Introduction 01:32 Impact of Star Trek 03:30 How Star Trek influenced Vasu Jakkal to pursue a career in tech 04:58 Do No Harm as a principal tenet of Star Trek and how it applies to tech 6:01 Security challenges facing humanity 8:00 Pace of adoption of technology 9:59 Generative AI is an inflection point for our world 10:43 LeVar Burton’s first job as an actor and the transformation of storytelling through technology 11:40 LeVar Burton’s prayer for the future of generative AI 12:22 The mission of Microsoft and Microsoft Security 14:04 The importance of safety in this AI arena 15:25 Copilot technology as an education tool 16:50 LeVar commends Microsoft’s passion towards making AI safer for all 18:00 What does Responsible AI look like? 19:30 The younger generation ethics inspires and gives LeVar Burton hope 21:25

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