Lifecycle management: Windows 365, Windows Autopatch, and ESUs | Windows in the Cloud

Explore how Windows 365 and Windows Autopatch can simplify lifecycle management for Windows. Learn how you can keep your Cloud PCs updated and protected— with no hassle or interruption. Also, find out how you can use the Extended Security Update (ESU) program for Windows 10 with Windows 365 to prolong use of your existing devices and applications as you move to Windows 11 and the cloud. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to create a lifecycle management approach that can help your business grow!

Microsoft 365 Defender Ninja Training

Microsoft 365 Defender Ninja Training is an engaging and informative program designed to transform security professionals into skilled defenders of Microsoft 365 environments. Let’s dive into the details:

  1. Overview:
    • Microsoft 365 Defender, part of Microsoft’s XDR (Extended Detection and Response) solution, automatically analyzes threat data across domains. It builds a comprehensive picture of each attack in a single dashboard.
    • The Ninja training covers features and functions of Microsoft 365 Defender, focusing on unified experiences across various workloads.
  2. Training Levels:
    • The content is structured into three knowledge levels:
      • Fundamentals: Covers technical overviews, getting started, incident investigation, threat analytics, and more.
      • Intermediate: Explores architecture, advanced hunting, automated investigation, and self-healing.
      • Expert: Dives deep into incidents, APIs, custom reports, SIEM integrations, and more.
  3. Key Modules:
    • Technical Overview: Understand what Microsoft 365 Defender is and its unified experiences.
    • Getting Started: Quick tutorial to set up the service.
    • Investigation – Incident: Work with incidents, improve SOC efficiency, and respond effectively.
    • Threat Analytics: Explore threat analytics.
    • Advanced Hunting: Learn how to hunt for threats proactively.
    • Self-Healing: Discover self-healing capabilities.
    • Community and Resources: Access blogs, webinars, and GitHub resources.
  4. Certificates:
    • After completing each level, you’ll receive a fun certificate (not an official Microsoft certification) recognizing your participation.

Remember, this training equips you with the skills to defend your organization’s data, endpoints, and users. 🛡️🔍

For more details, check out the official Ninja blog or explore the Microsoft Learn series. Happy ninja training! 🥋🚀

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