Something Different. Archaeology and finding a Castle. BBC

A peaceful waterside field beside the oldest bridge over the higher reaches of the River Thames in Oxfordshire poses the perfect setting for a Time Team assault. Their mission? To uncover what looks like the remains of a large medieval castle buried under the grass.

How to achieve 90% Microsoft Teams adoption in three months - THR1131

With all the integrated communication, knowledge management and collaboration it provides, Microsoft Teams is THE hub for teamwork in Office 365. But if that’s the case, why is your organization’s user adoption rate so much lower than it is for Outlook? The truth is email is ingrained and changing user habits is difficult. Studies show that only about 34 percent of users are willing to use new technology rollouts within the enterprise. Join AvePoint CMO and Microsoft Regional Director, Dux Raymond Sy, in this interactive session as shares practical guidance on how you can increase Microsoft Teams adoption across your entire organization.

Video: The New Microsoft Surface Hub 2S for Microsoft Teams

Meet Surface Hub 2S. Get the complete details, demo and specifications of the Surface Hub 2S, an all-in-one collaboration device that’s built for teamwork – delivering a digital whiteboard, meetings platform, and fully integrated Windows 10 computing experience in one device. In this show, Dave Kearney from the Surface Hub engineering team shows you how the light and mobile design of Surface Hub 2S allows you to turn any space into a teamwork space. We'll give you a tour of the built-in features, from the 4K camera, to the 4K+ screen and audio design that make participating in an online meeting feel less remote. And we'll show you how the modular design of the new Surface Hub 2S along with dormant, built-in hardware components will allow you to unlock Surface Hub 2X capabilities simply by swapping in the removable processor cartridge. Available late 2020.