Microsoft 365 Enterprise Admin role-based exam prep: MS-101 Mobility & Security - BRK2434

Microsoft 365 Enterprise Admin role-based exam prep: MS-100 Identity & Services - BRK3385

This Certification Exam Prep session is designed for people experienced with Microsoft 365 who are interested in certification. Specifically, attendees will learn more about the recently announced Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security MS-101 exam that is part of the new Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator certification. You will learn about how to approach studying for this new job role, and being successful in your exam endeavors. Attendees of this session can expect to review the topics covered in the certification exams in a fast-paced format, as well as receive some valuable test taking techniques. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how Microsoft certification works, what are the key topics covered in the exams, and an exhaustive look at resources for getting ready for the exam. The session is led by a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), experienced in delivering sessions on these topics.

Microsoft Sentinal: Video

Microsoft Sentinal: SIEM-as-a-Service Azure Sentinel protects your entire organization—letting you see and stop threats before they cause harm. Built on the foundations of SIEM, yet reinvented in the cloud for a modern world, Azure Sentinel is your birds-eye view across the enterprise. With the included AI on your side you can reduce alert fatigue by up to 90% and focus on the most important incidents. Because it’s built on Azure you can take advantage of nearly limitless cloud speed and scale and invest your time in security and not servers. You can bring Microsoft Office 365 data for free and in just a few clicks. Then you can integrate and analyze data from across your entire enterprise sourced from users, applications, and infrastructure both on-premises and in multiple clouds. And because time is precious you can automate 80% of the most common tasks that defenders spend time on.

Video: Managing devices with Microsoft Intune: What's new and what's next in 2018 and 2019

Microsoft Intune and EMS continue to be deployed by thousands of customers worldwide to securely manage all Microsoft 365 endpoints. Learn how Intune raises the bar once again for Android, Apple, and Windows device management, and hear more about the exciting new features and new use-cases announced this week.