Video: Introducing Live Events in Microsoft Stream

See the new capabilities to create and stream live events, how you can easily create and publish video content with PowerPoint and Microsoft Stream. And admins, we'll show you updates to controlling who can create channels, upload content, and how Stream supports GDPR compliance. Join Jeremy Chapman, Director, Microsoft 365 and Vishal Sood from the Stream engineering team as they look at these updates to Microsoft Stream, our intelligent video service in Office 365, and most recently now available on our small business plans, too. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: How to get started with Microsoft Stream:

Video: Microsoft Teams Overview and Best Practices


Bring your coworkers together with Microsoft Teams! We’ll show you how to connect with your team using channels to chat, call, meet, and store shared files. A chat-based workspace in Office 365, Teams is a hub for collaboration that gives you secure access to all the information your team needs to work together.

Free (Secure Sockets Layer) SSL Certificates for your Company

Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, is a technology that secures the connection between your browser and the website you’re visiting. It allows you and your website visitors to feel confident that their information is secure. And we believe that confidence is an important part of your online identity. So, starting today, we’re proud to offer free SSL for all Collabra Networks customers. Please click here to get your certificate.