Video: Successfully deploy Microsoft 365 Business in your SMB

SMB customers are in various phases in their journeys to the cloud. Some are fully embracing SaaS applications while others have a significant on-premises footprint. Come to this session to learn how Microsoft 365 Business can be enabled for your SMB, regardless of where you are in your journey to a secure, modern workplace.

Video: Microsoft IT Roadmap Planning Tool: A New Way to Build Tailored Implementation Plans

With all of the options available to you to run IT services like productivity, device management, identity and security services, we’ll show you the new IT Roadmap for Microsoft 365 - a new way to visualize and plan a broad and long-term IT strategy for your organization. We'll demonstrate how it helps you to build a tangible IT Roadmap, keep up to date with the latest tech, track progress and communicate your plans to business, user and security stakeholders, and get the help that you need to move forward.

Video Office 365: Become More Productive. 15 Minute Crash Course

Office 365 apps continually add new intelligent capabilities and integration across Microsoft 365 experiences and beyond. In this show, we filmed live, we highlight the coolest and most impactful updates from recent months.

Video: Introducing Live Events in Microsoft Stream

See the new capabilities to create and stream live events, how you can easily create and publish video content with PowerPoint and Microsoft Stream. And admins, we'll show you updates to controlling who can create channels, upload content, and how Stream supports GDPR compliance. Join Jeremy Chapman, Director, Microsoft 365 and Vishal Sood from the Stream engineering team as they look at these updates to Microsoft Stream, our intelligent video service in Office 365, and most recently now available on our small business plans, too. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: How to get started with Microsoft Stream: