Deploying Linux-based workloads in Azure Stack through Azure Resource Manager

Originally broadcast on Channel 9 MSDN.

Whether you use Windows or Linux, Azure Stack brings the innovation, power and flexibility of Azure services to your datacenter, instantly adding value to your existing investments. In this episode, Jeffrey Snover is joined by Dustin Kirkland (CTO, Canonical, and bash on Windows authority) to show you how easy it is to deploy open source web application stacks and Linux VMs on Azure Stack using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates and the command line on your Linux desktop.

Microsoft Azure: Linux Virtual Machine Management with Kundana Palagiri

Scott talks with Senior Program Manager Kundana Palagiri about Linux Virtual Machine Management. She teaches Scott how to have Azure automatically run shell scripts on Azure VMs as they provision without having to manually SSH into each machine. She also covers Chef and Puppet and how Azure supports both now!