Videos for Getting Started with Protecting your Exchange Online Email

The following three videos are about tailoring your anti-spam settings to fit the needs of your organization. For inbound mail traveling through the service to your organization, this includes creating safe sender and blocked sender lists based on IP addresses, and configuring content filter settings. There’s also a video showing how admins can find and release content-filtered spam messages or messages that matched a transport rule that were sent to the quarantine, and also how to report spam messages to help us improve the service. Click to view.


Video: Protecting Your Organization with Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP)

In this video, we show how Exchange Online Protection (EOP) can be used to protect against spam, malware, viruses, etc. Discover the new features of EOP and how they can be used by your organization. Learn how to get started with Exchange Online Protection to protect against malicious attacks. We start from scratch and deploy EOP to prepare against such attacks. Also learn some of the best practices for deploying and using EOP from the people who handle it every day.

Video: Diagnostics in Office 365, Technical Support Webcast

Abstract: The session will provide an over view of the built in diagnostics features in in Office 365 Admin Center. Administrators will learn about the new diagnostic options available to them and their users to quickly resolve many support issues. 

Speaker Bio: Jeremy Hayes is a Supportability/Readiness Program Manager (SPM) in Office 365 who the last 3 years working in Office 365, but have been working in Exchange for almost 10 years. He is also responsible for driving diagnostics adoption in Office 365 Support.

Microsoft Data Centers


Christian Belady is the general manager of Data Center Services for Microsoft’s Global Foundation Services (GFS) group. He is responsible for driving the strategy and delivery of server and facility development worldwide, including research, engineering, construction, and operations for Microsoft’s data center portfolio.  These data centers provide the foundational cloud infrastructure for over 200 Microsoft online and cloud services worldwide.

In this interview we meet Christian and discuss the evolution of data centers and what you should all know.