Microsoft Delve: Discover People Through Content, and Content Through People

Microsoft Delve is a newer part of the Office 365 for business user experience. You can watch the video in full screen mode below. 

Find information and the right person quickly. Delve has established people as a simplifying metaphor to quickly refind information and stay in the know of what happens around the people who matter to you. Learn how the people experience in Delve helps with refinding of information, broad discovery, and discovery of expertise to boost collaboration in your organization. This sessions showcases the advancements of the people experience in Delve which provides a 360 degree view of a person in Office 365, enabling you to discover who does what and who knows what in your organization.

Microsoft Office 365 and Delve - Next Generation Discovery and Search

In this show hosts Jeremy Chapman and Cem Aykan are on location at SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas. They take a look at Microsoft's new Delve (previously Codename Oslo), a new way to let tailored content discover you without searching. Ashok Kuppusamy from the Delve engineering team in Norway joins them to demonstrate Delve in action.