Video Microsoft Defender ATP: MacOS Preview + Threat and Vulnerability Management

Today, we're announcing the preview of Microsoft Defender ATP for macOS and the upcoming Threat and Vulnerability Management as part of the Microsoft Defender ATP service. Microsoft Security CVP, Rob Lefferts, joins Jeremy Chapman to give you a first look at the latest updates to help you secure your workplace. In this show, you'll learn about: • Microsoft’s approach to protect your users, data, endpoints, cloud apps and infrastructure with Microsoft’s end-to-end threat protection • How we’re extending best-in-class protections across platforms and services with Microsoft Defender ATP • And as part of that we’ll show you how you can benefit from cloud-based intelligence with the new Threat & Vulnerability Management

Video: Windows 10 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Built into Windows 10, Windows Advanced Threat Protection will help detect attackers and threats, provide enterprises with information to investigate the breach across endpoints, and offer response recommendations. Protecting enterprise customers has never been more challenging as security threats are brazen and highly sophisticated. Even with the best defense, sophisticated attackers are using social engineering and zero-day vulnerabilities to break-in to corporate networks.

Senior Windows Product Manager, Heike Ritter offers a cohesive overview of Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection for Windows 10. This includes new capabilities with the Windows Creators Update for detecting, investigating and containing breaches such as in-memory attacks and Kernel exploits. See how Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection works at scale to expose otherwise undetected threats; investigate and understand the scope of breaches and contain and respond to threats. Learn more at: