Accelerate your digital transformation with SharePoint and OneDrive

Learn how new and upcoming SharePoint and OneDrive innovations empower people and organizations to share with confidence, transform business processes, engage employees, and harness collective knowledge from anywhere, on virtually any device. During this must-see session, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Jeff Teper, Office, SharePoint and OneDrive, shares the latest innovations and roadmap for content management and collaboration as well as how customers are creating more connected workplaces leveraging Office 365, Windows, and Microsoft Azure.

SharePoint and Office Amazing Capabilities Together Series Part 1 of 3

This was originally broadcast on Microsoft Channel 9.  Video at the bottom of this post.

In this ALL DEMO three (3) part series we will take a look at Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010.  Specifically, we will look at integration and how these great new products are made to work.  Once you are done with the video's come back here to go step by step through setting up your own SharePoint lab in the Azure Cloud.

In part I we look at Outlook 2010 and SharePoint Search to highlight the following:

  • Outlook 2010
    • Conversations
    • Display By Conversation
    • Ignore Conversation
    • Quick Steps
    • Schedule a Meeting
    • MailTips
    • Distribution Lists
    • History of Conversation
    • Create your own QuickSteps
  • SharePoint Search
    • Searching for People
    • Social Distance
    • Lots of new features for collaboration built in
    • Starting a chat
    • Integration with Communicator
    • Share Desktop using communications server integration
      Links to the Entire Series:

Links to the Entire SharePoint and Office 2010 Series:

Video: Boost Productivity for Legal Professionals: How Microsoft Is Using Office 365 and Matter Center

Learn how Microsoft is improving the productivity of its in-house counsel with intuitive document management and collaboration tools and enabling access from any device at any time. Learn how Microsoft is using Office 365, Matter Center, and other tools to boost productivity of its in-house counsel, without sacrificing compliance, security or manageability, and take away best practices that you can take advantage of in your own organization. This solution is currently in development at Microsoft and will not be available until late 2015 to mid 2016.