Continuous Monitoring for DevOps with Azure Application Insights: Multiple Videos

Continuous monitoring through your entire DevOps life cycle can lead to better collaboration between Dev and Ops and help you optimize the user experience every step of the way, leaving more time for your next big innovation. Find out how you can integrate the experience across Dev and Ops, addressing the needs of application owners, IT pros and DevOps. Discover how monitoring solutions from Microsoft come together to help you manage, identify, understand, and resolve problems in your web apps and services. Azure Monitor with Application Insights and Log Analytics can help you close the loop between development and operations and fix issues faster with data and insights captured directly in production.

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Evgeny Ternovsky joins Scott Hanselman to talk about Azure Log Analytics and its upgraded search platform, including a dedicated query experience and a powerful new query language. Already available in Application Insights, this upgrade unifies the analytics experience across Azure. For more information, see: What is Log Analytics? - Analytics Query Language - Announcing the New and Improved Azure Log Analytics -