Setup a printer to use Office 365 for the scan to email feature

Rob Latino MSFT 

For Office 365 customers who migrate all their mailboxes to the cloud and retire their on-premises server, there is one device that is left behind and needs to send emails but no longer has an on-premises server to connect to: your multi-function printer.

The simplest way to set up a printer to send emails is by using SMTP client submission. It allows your printer to log in to an Office 365 mailbox and send mail just like Outlook Desktop does. Emails from your printer are then delivered to your hosted mailboxes or external recipients. This way avoids some of the problems associated with the other configuration options available which is covered here.

If your printer has settings for an email address/username and password for the send to email feature, then there is a good chance that it can send using SMTP client submission. The settings needed for SMTP client submission to connect to Office 365 are:


Unless your printer is advanced enough to store multiple mailboxes login credentials, you can only send mail from one mailbox for this option. Also, Office 365 imposes a limit of 30 messages sent per minute for each mailbox.

Other configuration options

We have recently updated the comprehensive configuration document that details the three configuration options for setting up your printer. If the settings above to not work, you should visit the article for its more detailed explanations: