Video: Azure Site Recovery

In this episode Nick Harris and Chris Risner are joined by Praveen Vijayaraghavan, Senior Program Manager on the Windows Server and System Center team.  Praveen is on the show to talk about Azure Site Recovery.  In version one of Site Recovery, you could copy your virtual machines from a primary data center into a secondary one for disaster recovery.  In the most recent version, Site Recovery allows you to bring your virtual machines from your data center into Azure. In the video, Praveen demonstrates setting up a recovery instance in Azure, installing the client app on the server in his data center, and then connecting the on-premises VMs into Site Recovery for backup.  VM Images are encrypted on-premises before they are processed by Azure so you're the only one with access if you're restoring from one data center to another.  Uploading the key into Azure enables decryption of those VMs when failing over your VMs into Azure.  Site Recovery also supports testing your fail over to Azure to ensure it will work as expected.