Introducing Office 365 Video

Office 365 Video is a new, dynamic video portal available to Office 365 customers. It enables easy upload, sharing and playback of video messages securely throughout your company. The portal is designed to meet the requirements of IT and win the hearts and minds of users. Powered by Azure Media Services, Office 365 Video benefits from adaptive smooth streaming technology optimizing video playback for the device it’s being viewed on. It, too, leverages Yammer and the Office Graph to deliver a social, personalized experience within Office 365.

Read the full, official Office 365 Video blog post for more information:

Below find an illustrated, visual video that describes what happens when an Office 365 user upload a video file(s) into the Office 365 Video portal. You'll learn how the service leverages SharePoint Online and Azure Media Services to deliver smooth, adaptive streaming across all devices. a company’s videos are kept isolated and encrypted in all locations - that’s encryption at-rest and encryption in-transit. All up, Office 365 Video combines the power of SharePoint Online with the benefits of Azure Media Services. You get this incredible back-end, a beautiful and scalable front-end, plus the mobility and security of Office 365 – all at no cost beyond the default investment of Office 365.