Office 365: New support service team for people with disabilities


If you have staff with disabilities there is now a new Microsoft support team to help them use Office 365. Below is the phone number for the team and the Microsoft article from the Office 365 Technical blog.

Accessibility Support Contact Information:

Direct Telephone Line: 1-800-936-5900
TTY: 1-800-892-5234
Weekdays: 5 A.M. - 9 P.M. (Pacific Time)

Weekends: 6 A.M. - 3 P.M. (Pacific Time)

We’re passionate about providing the best possible experience for all our customers, including those with disabilities, to help them get the most out of Microsoft products. There are over 58 million people with disabilities in the US and 1 billion globally. Connecting customers with disabilities to experts that can guide them on accessibility features and help get the best from their devices and software is a top priority for Microsoft.

For the last several months, Microsoft Customer Service and Support has been piloting a new support offering that provides a tailored experience for people with disabilities and customers using our accessibility features. (

This experience is now available throughout North America, providing support specialists trained on accessibility and disability via telephone and email. Even though customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive during the pilot, we know we still have a lot to learn. After a support interaction, we ask customers to give us feedback about how we can continue to improve this support environment.